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Alacrity rules in our farm day by day, the production cycle is continuous, and each product manufactured in our farm has been offered the hard work and loving energy of our diligent team!


Cabbage is the most valuable vegetable because it contains large amounts of vitamins, provitamins, phytoncides, fibres and minerals! Sauerkraut is by all means an absolutely unique, delicious and healthy product produced from cabbage, as a result of the formation of lactic acid.

Once the rich and plentiful crop is harvested, it is transferred to the skilled and professional production team of Dimdiņi, and the varieties grown for pickling are used for the production of sauerkraut and a variety of other delicious recipes. In Dimdiņi we use the classical recipe of cabbage fermentation, which has long been used by our ancestors.
Our mission is to provide classical values and a healthy final product!

Then let us roll up our sleeves and get to work!

The entire inspiring process starts with a clean and washed cabbage head which is grated into nice, long and fine slivers. A long sliver reminding spaghetti is the quality indicator of traditional sauerkraut. It gives a special and delicious taste. If the sliver was short as in salad, the product would be nothing like the traditional sauerkraut.

Latvians love caraway seed. We add them to lots of our traditional meals: the real rye bread, caraway cheese, and, certainly, the traditional sauerkraut. So, we add the caraway seeds, salt, grinded carrots, and a thorough mixing process begins, so that each sliver is mixed with salt and excrete the juice.

The grated cabbage is strongly and carefully tamped by hand the cabbage pounder used already by our ancestors, then some weight is added and the vessel is taken into the fermentation room, where we wait for a miracle to happen under continuous monitoring: the natural and healthy lactic acid, making use of the sugars within the cabbage launches the creation process of a new product.

After a few days we can already taste the result of the creativity: the delicious and healthy sauerkraut. Our technologist checks each portion with his professional eye and expert taste, evaluates it and distributes to the subsequent processes. The best stage of taste is defined, which ends up on our tables. Sauerkraut is then forwarded to the stewing masters for the production of stewed sauerkraut and other delicious salad recipes.

Our masters know quite well what the actual stewed sauerkraut should look and taste like, and which recipe corresponds exactly to the way it was once prepared at home. It is the special cherished recipe of “Dimdiņi” - the legacy of the family tradition. Everything is natural and of high quality, true and real here. It is the value that inspires and never changes!

Our people embody a creative spirit, therefore, creativity and development never stop in Dimdiņi.
Our newest products continue to fulfil our brand and mission. They are: stewed sauerkraut with mushrooms and fried onions, various types of vegetable salad, boiled beets, beans, peas, fresh salted cucumbers... and other healthy goodies still on their way.

Our drivers deliver all these delicacies tirelessly and vigorously from Dimdiņi to our customers in Riga and  all over Latvia!

The works in Dimdiņi are actively performed day by day, the cycle is continuous, and each of our products is caressed by the work and loving energy of our diligent people!

So, let us wipe sweat off foreheads, give each other a smile, tap each other on the shoulder and feel happy for what we have achieved!

Just like cabbage leaves are twisted close to each other in dense and firm unity, we devote our good will, work and love to you!